Work Methodology

Work Methodology


The Energy of Sun… Now For Everyone..!!!

  • Harvest Money with Every Sunrise
    As soon as the customer recovers the initial investment, its profit all the way
  • Future Proof Yourself From Escalating Electricity Prices
    Solar energy helps to decrease your electricity bills while providing requisite power supply even in case of a blackout.
  • Create Energy Independence
    Solar power helps to minimize the dependence on foreign or conventional energy sources.
  • Ensure A Green Future
    By dramatically reducing your carbon footprint, you will set an example for others to follow.


We Make Going Solar Simpler..!!

  • Enduring & fulfilling commitment towards customers, quality assurance benchmarked on global standards, defined performance parameters, technical & maintenance support service to the customers.
  • Strong background of Promoters, Experience & Knowledge of Partners, Seasoned Technical experts & advisors associated with the company and trained quality work force.
  • We believe in exploring multiple alternatives to meet client’s requirements. The most suitable option is rated by our core team of experts.


We Take Care Of All Your Energy Management Needs..!!

It doesn’t matter from what part of the solar industry you come…We work with everyone: System - Developers, Integrators,EPC Contractors, Beneficiaries – Government Corporations, Educational Institutions and Investors...What’s important is thatas your partner, we can deliver your solar project to you and help build a renewable legacy of which you can be proud of

A competitive solar EPC advisory organization in India, Penta Solarex provide extensive Consulting-Engineering-ContractingCommissioningservices along with a vast expertise in the industry dedicated primarily to the development of solar powerplants and Solar Products.

  • We provide detailed engineering & design services for rooftop and utility scale solar project. The detailed engineering and design process is to optimize the plant operational performance & maximize return on investments. There are many considerations which need to be taken care while planning a utility scale solar project. These considerations include the optimum utilization of land/shed/roof area, ensuring shadow free array installations, regulatory requirements which your project needs to meet, etc. Penta Solarex support its clients during each phase of installations through equipment selection, energy yield analysis, grid interconnection studies, approvals and permits, design briefs, and construction phase engineering. Our focus is on the large as well as small rooftop and utility scale projects which require some complex engineering analysis. Our in-house team has professional engineers from civil, mechanical, electrical, & instrumentation background which have tackled various solar projects. Our services for detailed engineering & design includes, Plant layout & design Solar PV system sizing, Module & inverter selection, Shadow analysis, DC cable route planning Monitoring & control system design, AC system design and minimum and maximum power generation month/year wise.
  • Right from planning for a solar project (which involves many technical as well as commercial considerations such as engineering & designing the complete system) to selecting the appropriate components such as Solar Panels, Inverters, Mounting Structure, Electrical, Monitoring & Protection Devices, Balance of System, Penta Solarex works meticulously for each project & site. Penta Solarex supplies location specific optimum solution for sustainable energy generation.
  • Our O&M service package include continuous monitoring of your solar power plant with automatic early fault detection, maintenance and servicing.
  • We strongly believe that both technical and commercial decisions are vital and making the right choices for your project determines whether your investment will generate the right level of positive returns, and realize the benefit of energy cost minimization. From feasibility studies to detailed planning and turnkey handover of photovoltaic systems, Penta Solarex offers its clients complete vertically integrated solar solution.
  • Equal emphasis is given to the commercial aspect while suggesting the system solution to the customers which broadly includes, envisaged realistic capital investment, expected generation, feasibility & economics, considering blend of debt and equity vis-à-vis funding pattern. Evaluation of proposed investment of solar installation such as tax benefits, payback, return on Investment and achievable energy savings is worked out in advance so as to assist investors in arriving logical investment in Solar.
  • Material Sourcing :

Solar PV Module

Solar PV Power Conditioning / Inverter

Module Mounting Structure

Junction Boxes


Earthing & Lightning Surge Protection

Balance of Systems
(DC/AC Cables, PVC Conduit Pipes, MC4 Connectors, Silicon Fountain paint, Nuts and Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Fasteners etc.)


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